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Community radios struggle to reach target audience

“Community radios are failing to reach the target audience due to limited transmission area and the long distance between stations and where the audience lives. Most of the community radio stations are located in district towns while the biggest target audience is rural people. Besides, many community radios are imitating FM radio programmes and are thus deviating from what they are expected to broadcast. According to the community radio policy, the stations will work as alternative mass media for disadvantaged communities in rural areas, enabling them to express their own opinions in their own styles in places where mainstream media…


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Radio active after the quake

The studio clock at the fifth-floor studio of Chautara’s Radio Sindhu was coming up to 11:56AM on 25 April. Announcer Ashma Syangtan of the popular Ramailo Selo program was introducing the last folk song before the noon news bulletin. Technician Guras Gurung was adjusting the sound levels on her console. Suddenly, everything started shaking violently. Syangtan stopped mid-sentence. Computer monitors fell, the walls started cracking and there was dust everywhere. “I immediately knew it was an earthquake,” Syangtan recalled, “we rushed out of the studio but the shaking was so strong that we had difficulty descending the five stories.” Syangtan…