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Community radios struggle to reach target audience

“Community radios are failing to reach the target audience due to limited transmission area and the long distance between stations and where the audience lives. Most of the community radio stations are located in district towns while the biggest target audience is rural people. Besides, many community radios are imitating FM radio programmes and are thus deviating from what they are expected to broadcast. According to the community radio policy, the stations will work as alternative mass media for disadvantaged communities in rural areas, enabling them to express their own opinions in their own styles in places where mainstream media…


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Why so few community radio stations in India?

“Author Anupam Chakravartty notes with disappointment that India, a huge radio loving country (especially during elections), has only 173 community radio stations, all told. In addition, he complains that universities or schools run most of them. Independent community based organizations only supervise 63, and most of these broadcast to remote rural areas.” Read more. Author: Matthew Lasar Source: Radio Survivor 

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On wrong wavelength

“The country’s experiment with community radio started after the Supreme Court in 1995 said radio waves belong to the people and that the government is a caretaker. Subsequent to the verdict, civil society pressured the government to grant licences to community radio. But two decades later, the concept of community radio has not caught on. This despite the fact that almost all the governments at the Centre have promised to strengthen the medium which, they say, is “an integral component of the right to free speech and expression”.” For more information click here. Author: Anupam Chakravartty Source: Down to Earth