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Odisha government may support community radio

Community Radio Stations hold the key to development by bridging the information gap at grass-root level and empowering communities living in rural and outreach Odisha, opined the speakers of the two-day consultation workshop started in Bhubaneswar on May 23, 2015.

The consultation workshop, which followed the inaugural session, brought to fore the unique responses of already operational CRS in Konark and Jagatsinghpur in situations of emergencies during the 2011 floods in Puri district and the Phailin super cyclone of 2013.

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Author: Basudev Mahapatra
Source: HotNHitNews

Community radio and sustainability – a participatory research initiative

Community radio has completed a decade in 2012 in India and boasts of 183 operational stations in India and 15 in Bangladesh. In addition, Nepal, which has a longer history of CR has 246 stations on air.

Due to the differences in practices in India, Bangladesh and Nepal, Ideosync Media Combine with support from CEMCA and UNESCO, undertook a participatory research initiative to explore the parameters that impact the sustainability of Community Radio in the South Asia region. For this purpose, a broad list of 25 CR stations across India, Nepal and Bangladesh was drawn up keeping in mind adequate representation as per the following criteria:

  1. Institutional set-up: CR Stations governed and managed by educational institutions, agricultural institutions, large, small and local NGOs, cooperatives etc
  2. Geography: Such that stations selected are representative of all regions
  3. Duration of Broadcast: Such that stations are representative of young and experienced stations

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